Esther series

During January & February we are producing and performing the story of Esther during our morning services.

Sunday mornings 10.30am at St Lukes Watford

Jan 14thPart 1Esther chapter 1 & 2, verses 1 – 14
Jan 21stPart 2Esther chapter 2, verses 15 – 20
Jan 28thPart 3Esther chapter 3 & 4, verses 1 – 3
Feb 4thPart 4Esther chapter 4 verses 4 – 17 & chapter 5
Feb 11thPart 5Esther chapters 6, 7 & 8

Full performance on Saturday 17th February, 2.30pm

You can see the full drama of Esther, with 25 strong cast performing the parts in a colourful, uplifting time of fun and music for all the family

Invite your friends and family – put the date in the dairy as an afternoon out together at St Luke’s Church.

Afterwards there will refreshments of hot drinks and Hamanataschen biscuits – traditional fare for the Jewish celebration of Purim, where every year they celebrate God’s deliverance of the Jewish people. At Purim the book of Esther is read aloud and Haman the baddie is booed!

TICKETS for the Full Saturday Performance will be available to purchase or reserve from St Luke’s Office and the Vicarage on Devereux Drive. £3 adult, £10 family. Tickets will also be available to purchase on the day at the door.

Esther – based on the Old Testament book is a story of intrigue, plotting and suspense.

It starts in 454 BC. Persian King Xerxes is on the throne in the citadel of Susa and is having a party. He calls for his Queen to come, to show her off to his guests, but she refuses. So the King dethrones her and sends his men to find the most beautiful girl in the land. A young Jew Esther, living nearby with her adopted Father Mordecai is chosen to be the next Queen, but she must keep their faith secret for fear of persecution

Mordecai hears treason is in the air, discovering a plot to kill the King. He tells Esther and the King’s life is saved, the King records everything in his book of Annals which he uses for bedtime reading.

Then enters the wicked power-hungry Haman. He is looking to be the King’s right hand man. He insists that everyone bows to him at the city gate, but Mordecai refuses. So in revenge for this snub, Haman discovers he is a Jew and then plots a terrible punishment, not just for Mordecai, but for all his people.

Only Esther, put there for such a time as this, can save the day, plead with the King and perhaps prevent the annihilation of all God’s people. But her life lies in the balance as she approaches the King.

Esther calls a three day fast and they pray….will Esther find favour with the King? Can His Majesty step in and save the day or is the unrepealable edict that Haman persuaded him to sign unchangeable?

The play involving 25 actors, is introduced by two Excitable Party Planners and features the King surrounded by his royal household with his servant, secretary, eunuchs and soldiers. Queen Vashti makes a brief appearance, as do some wise men. Esther is accompanied by her attendant and Mordecai prays outside the city gate. Haman and his wife Zaresh and friends gather and start to scheme – and let’s not forget that animals are not left out here – there is a palace cat!

The play is performed in 5 parts at the start of each 10.30am Sunday service from 14th Jan to 11th Feb – the final episode will feature all the actors – adults and children from St Luke’s. The drama has been written by Pam Norman who also directs, with help from stagehands, props experts, a technical team. Period costumes true to the colours of the day, have been made by Charlotte Prosser.

But this is not just a play – it’s almost a Musical with original songs sung by the Cassiobury And Nearby Community Choir (link to CANCC choir page) relaying the story with notes and lyrics as the drama unfolds.