The Big Help Out

On Monday 8th May the nation was encouraged to get involved in volunteering in honour of the coronation. At St Luke’s this was organised in the form of a Big Help Out morning.

Our amazing team of around 30 volunteers weeded, gardened, sorted, tidied and cleaned. The toddler toys were all cleaned and organised, the vestry was cleared and organised, the garden and car park were weeded and tidied. Sellotape debris left on glass doors from Covid notices was cleaned off, blue tac was removed, labels in the kitchen were re-made and the kitchen drawers were organised to make them easier to use! There were many other jobs too, and the church received a well-deserved spring clean. It was a very productive and busy two hours, and all the volunteers who turned up were much appreciated.

It was also a lovely opportunity to get to know some people that I didn’t know so well, as volunteers who are usually busy during the week were able to come, and some stayed for lunch together.

Beth Burns