Starship Discovery Holiday Club

From 1st to 4th August we ran a holiday club for over 65 children who travelled through space, following Dr Watt and Ace as they tried to make it home in time for tea, avoiding asteroids and black holes and learning how to follow Jesus through the life of his disciple, Peter.

We learnt how Peter turned and chose to follow Jesus; how Peter trusted Jesus and stepped out of the boat to walk on water; how Peter tripped up, made a mistake and was forgiven by Jesus; and how Peter was transformed by God’s gift of the Holy Spirit.

We had a lot of fun, singing lots of action songs, learning a new memory verse each day, playing balloon games, doing lots of crafts and even launching a rocket or two.

Every day we had lunch together prepared by our brilliant lunch team!

Thank you to all the leaders and volunteers who gave their time to share God’s light and love with the kids! There was joy and laughter all week.

At our Sunday service we found out that the alien who had been chasing us around space all week long just wanted to hear our stories of Jesus – how important it is to pass on to others all the good things we’ve been blessed with by God.

Our final memory verse and action song was: “… and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”! 2 Corinthians 3:17

Lydia Davies

Children & Family Team Leader