The Story of Joseph

Congratulations to all the people who made up our unique production of The Story of Joseph, portrayed on seven consecutive Sundays during the morning services in January and February (they are still be available to watch on St Luke’s YouTube if you missed any!).

Highlights for me were the enthusiasm of the children, begging me to write in new parts for them, and the enjoyment of reading Genesis 37-46 and converting it into a drama. As I trawled the congregation for talent, I wondered if there would be enough actors to cover the parts, but in the end, they all came out of the woodwork. And what talent! Sticking in my mind, are Susan playing the flirtatious Zuleika, wife of Potiphar – played by Colin with his wonderful Welsh accent. Also Chris S from God’s own country, Yorkshire, who played Babu the Baker and held the audience spellbound as Babu came to a sad end. We had five Josephs (Mimi, Bill, Olu, Jeremy H and Marina) who brought out the emotion of our hero, and we had plentiful brothers, wise men, magicians, guards, servants, cupbearer/butlers and stewards, not forgetting Jacob and his wives – well done Fiona!

Of the 40 people involved, 14 were children/youth and the line “we are always interested in diversification” by Midianite Sophie had us giggling. Terry ensured that Pharaoh came across as powerful and witty – thank you to Wendy D for making his eye-catching costume.

Thank you also to Steve, a steadying hand supporting me with props and stage direction, and to the costume makers. Many thanks to everyone involved in this production on and off stage.

I so enjoyed being at the heart of things (and bossing people about!) and am planning a similar series for early 2024 on the book of Esther. It will be supported again by the Cassiobury and nearby Community Choir, and with the musical talent around St Luke’s I hope to include some original songs to accompany the play. Anyone interested in being involved, just ask!

Pam Norman